Thursday, January 21, 2010

Back in the Long Star State

Back at home in Houston trying to get focused once again.

After being in a big design town like Minneapolis for 3 1/2 years and having to pack my life up then leaving to to come back to a not-so design town, it’s been hard to get things going.

After getting my website up and running, I sent out a couple of emails to some industry professionals to get some advice/feedback.

I am now in the process of fixing my website

THANKS GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I have to......


Right now I am in the process of working with a fellow Art Director/cool cat, Taylor Snyder & Copywriter/fly chick Katie Bode on a Nissan Campaign.

I plan to also to pick up the ad work that got pushed to the side during the final weeks of preparing to graduate (J.W. Hulme & Dillard’s) and do some personal design work.


As of right now since moving back from Minneapolis,MN my life is still in 7 boxes & 1 suitcase in the living room.

(Not really #3 on my list of things to do)

Figuring out 1. Where do I want to be? Who would be a good fit? What work to show? Promos, etc....


It’s old!! Not really working which is making things challenging.

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