Monday, May 14, 2007

Movie Poster: Imitation of Life

Assignment for Illustration 1. Make a Movie Poster.

I chose the movie "Imitation of Life" (1959) starring Lana Turner. Even though it dosen't go by "Imitation of Life" the novel written by Fannie Hurst it's definitly one of my Favorite movies of all time.

Medium: Digital Print


Gala said...

hi i love this movie!!! your intepretation of the poster is beautiful... is it for sale? please let me know. im a producer and im decorating my first apartment. :)

Karlisha Gray said...

Sorry I didn't get to you Gala.

Yeah everything I do is for sale!! I'm a young artist!!! You should have emailed me, I rarely check comments. If you come back email me and we can talk.