Monday, August 25, 2008


In May I posted a toy concept I did for my Illustration and Product class (Spring 2008 semester). The Barbie/Ken doll size action figure dolls based on a fake video game I made up called "FIVE DOWN". I posted Amelia (the assassin with a fascination with Lucy), and was still in the process of fixing the other 2. So here they are.... Thomas Brasi, a pretty-boy Mafia boss' son, and the one that started it all Gwendalyn, a young vain powerful little lady. Gwendalyn I did the concept for back when I was taking Illustration 1 (all I did was change her outfit and her power from fireballs to plasma blasters), and carried her into this class. Along with Amelia these 2 are the first drawings I have ever done in Gouche!

Gwendalyn comes complete with Compact Mirror (opens), Purse (opens), and 3 Plasma Blast balls. One special feature about Gwen is that she has a flesh-tone button located on her arm that fires her plasma blasters, which I thought was nice idea.

Thomas comes complete with Sunglasses, Glock (gun), Cell Phone, and a Suitcase full of money. An added surprise about Thomas’ suitcase is that when his enemies open it that are blinded by a bright flash of light (I figured maybe a small LED Light).

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