Saturday, September 27, 2008

Making Integrated part 1

In my process to make my Toy Concepts into an Integrated project, I decided to make packaging for the toys, a website for the video game (since they’re based on a faux fighting game), and an EBOX 360 concept (still trying to figure out what that will be).

Gwendalyn and Amelia

Here is a newer sketch of Gwendalyn I started today. On the right side is the 1st concept for Gwen I did like probably a year ago for Illustration 1 out of colored card stock (her outfit was aqua and she had a hat back then).


Francesca B said...

These are cool drawings...they remind of me of old school fashion illustration.
It would be awesome to incorporate some aspect of the game into them. The kind of weapons they'd be using, the color scheme of the game, etc.

Karlisha Gray said...

Yeah I'm trying to keep them real flat and sketchy. But after that I don't know what I really want to do with it.