Friday, February 13, 2009

Customized Bottle Labels (The Process)

I got an email in late January (sorry I’m just now posting it) from a chick name Tia, who saw my orange soda bottle labels & wanted me to make some customized bottle labels for her, her cousin & their friend's Glitz & Glam Party.

I screen shot some of my process as I went along….

I hand drew all the elements, & put them in Illustrator. Kinda mad because I lost some details when I vectored the images.
Bottle Label Illustration
*She doesn’t have a head cause I really couldn’t see her face details in the pictures that were given to me so I had to draw those later.

Bottle Label Design Layout
Started adding in text. The colors at the bottom are the colors for the party.

Bottle Label Design Layout
The layout of the almost finished label. Yes I did do those scribbles.

Bottle Label Illustration
I colored them digitally (you can tell I’m still not good at that, but I use very little color anyway).

Sorry no images of the labels on the bottles I will post those when I can.

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