Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jean Patou’s Joy

Joy Textile

Joy Perfume packaging

A project for Illustration 2 (now known as Concepts + Metaphors). A packaging redesign of Jean Patou's Joy perfume, which is considered the most expensive commercial perfume you can buy. For my redesign I wanted to gear the perfume to a younger crowd, so I thought more fashion editorial. I took one of the definitions of the word Joy (4. a state of happiness or felicity) and made is into a textile.

Joy Print Ad/ Store Sign 2

Joy Print Ad/ Store Sign
Later I added this print work that could be used as ads or the signs in the stores.


Taylor Snyder said...

I really love how this turned out. Sophisticated and playful, very true to you as a designer. Great documentation photography of the box! You should try submitting it to the dieline blog.

Karlisha Gray said...


I thought about submitting it to them, but I would really like to fix it up. The box is missing an element I wanted to add.

shi zhan said...

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