Friday, December 4, 2009

Binary Opposition Postcards

Postcard A: CYM
An assignment for my Elec Pre-Press class. Exploration of how the printing process itself can contribute to the meaning of your design and to understand “binary oppositions”.

My postcard represents my hometown of Houston,TX and the division between Southside Houston (woman in red) and Northside Houston (woman in blue).
And my love for vintage female wrestler pictures.

Postcard B: CYMK
Black Layer: Lyrics from "Chunk up the Deuce" by: Lil Keke (Houston based rapper) represents the fact that we're all pride about being from Houston.

Postcard C: CYMK + Pantone
Silver Layer: Just cause I could I made a textile of a bunch of gang girl fights
(C. Silver layer will interact with all 4 layers separately. This layer can conceptually relate to your previous concept, or completely ignore it. This layer is primarily for formal exploration and will be hard to visualize before we actually see it on press)

Surprise prints! Seeing what happens when we turn off the different plates

Postcard: Random (CM + Pantone)

Postcard: Random (YM + Pantone)

Postcard: Random (K + Pantone)

If you would like some please let me know. You can see more on my Flickr page as well.

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