Monday, June 13, 2011

I be Collage'in

Finally getting down to doing some personal work, feels good! In total I've started 3 personal projects and got an email to do a freelance.

I'm working on some collage work and here's the start of the first one, "Sloth". I'm mostly a by hand kind of person, but I decided to do this on Photoshop for the mere fact I don't know how to make spider webs/cob webs by hand. I'm new at using Photoshop to do things like this but it does look good; it has a painted feel to it.

Anyway comments and advice would be greatly appreciated since I'm out of my element.


StephanieB said...

The only thing that I would advise for the cobwebs is the try to use a much smaller sized brush, since cobwebs are really fine. Maybe trying using an almost hatching technique but only where the light is hitting the webs would create a really great effect here. I dunno, I don't really have any advice that directed related to using Photoshop, lol

Karlisha Gray said...

Much thanx Stephanie!!